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Odp: Różne artykuły o Starlink
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SpaceX Launches Year’s 70th Falcon 9, Continues Record-Breaking Year
by Ben Evans, October 18, 2023 [AS]

B1062 powers aloft on her record-tying 16th launch on Tuesday evening. Photo Credit: Jeff Seibert/AmericaSpace

(...) Flying yesterday’s mission was B1062, a dedicated “East Coast Falcon” which becomes only the third “single-stick” Falcon 9 core to reach a life-leading 16th flight. She now sits in joint first place on the league table with her sisters B1058—the one-time ride of “Bob and Doug”—and B1060, both of which passed 16 launches in July and then each logged a 17th within days of each other, just last month. (...)

SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket on 47th Starlink launch of 2023
October 17, 2023 Will Robinson-Smith [SFN]

The plume of the Falcon 9’s Merlin Vacuum engine was illuminated by the setting sun, following a liftoff at 8:39 p.m. EDT (0039 UTC) on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023. Image: Michael Cain

Farewell to the “Old Guard”: Bob & Doug’s Booster Lost at Sea
December 26, 2023 by Ben Evans [AS]

B1058 launches into a cloudy early morning winter sky for what would be the final mission of her 19-flight career. Photo Credit: Jeff Seibert/AmericaSpace

(...) Early 26 December, SpaceX revealed the news of B1058’s demise, noting that “The Falcon fleet’s life-leading rocket completed its 19th and final launch and landing on 23 December.” It added that across almost 37 months of service the old booster had lifted two astronauts safely into orbit, as well as more than 860 satellites, totaling over 573,000 pounds (260,000 kilograms). (...)

Historic SpaceX Falcon 9 booster topples over and is lost at sea
December 27, 2023 Will Robinson-Smith

The remains of Falcon 9 booster 1058 arrive at Port Canaveral after the vehicle toppled over and broke apart in bad weather. Image: Steven Young/Spaceflight Now.

A piece of America’s space history is now on the ocean’s floor. During its return voyage to Port Canaveral in Central Florida, a SpaceX Falcon 9 first stage booster toppled over and broke in half.

History-making SpaceX booster mostly destroyed in post-flight topple

December 26, 2023 — The first U.S. commercial rocket to launch astronauts into orbit has met its end after being destroyed during its latest post-flight recovery.

Referred to by SpaceX by its serial number, B1058, the Falcon 9 first stage was being transported back to shore after its record-setting 19th flight when "the booster tipped over "due to high winds and waves," the company reported on X, the social network previously known as Twitter, on Sunday (Dec. 25). Two days earlier, the stage had helped launch 23 of SpaceX's Starlink broadband satellites before successfully touching down on the company's droneship "Just Read the Instructions," which was stationed in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Florida. (...)

With the loss of 1058, SpaceX is believed to have 16 flight-proven, active Falcon 9 first stages still remaining and three pending their first use. (...)
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Odp: Różne artykuły o Starlink
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