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Odp: Medycyna kosmiczna: załogowe loty kosmiczne
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W środowisku mikrograwitacji wirusy mogą okazać się bardziej dokuczliwe niż na Ziemi, gdzie grawitacja powoduje ich osiadanie na różnych powierzchniach. Tam, jak i na Ziemi, byłaby też w razie potrzeby stosowana kwarantanna.
W ciekawy sposób opowiada o tym Jonathan Clark, były chirurg NASA.

Getting sick in space: How would NASA handle an astronaut disease outbreak?
By Chelsea Gohd a day ago
Viruses don't spread the same off-Earth.

(...) As Clark explained, viruses like the flu or even coronavirus could also be more easily transmitted in a microgravity environment, such as on the International Space Station. "The absence of gravity precludes particles settling down, so they stay suspended in the air, and could be more easily transmitted. To prevent this, compartments are ventilated and the air HEPA filters would remove particles."

Additionally, scientists have found that dormant viruses react to the stresses of spaceflight, and viruses such as herpes simplex have been known to reactivate, or "awaken," during spaceflight. Also, as Clark said, on-going studies have shown that it's possible that enhanced bacterial virulence in space could make antibiotic treatments less effective.

"There are antiviral medications that could be used to prevent viral spread, much as has been considered for the terrestrial viral epidemics. Also, for planetary missions the crew would be isolated upon return to Earth, just like they were done in the early missions returning from the moon," Clark said.  (...)

But, in considering Clark's suggestions and the historical examples from the Apollo era, astronauts would likely follow measures similar to what we follow on Earth, like quarantine.

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Odp: Medycyna kosmiczna: załogowe loty kosmiczne
« Odpowiedź #75 dnia: Marzec 13, 2020, 22:28 »