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Odp: Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) - ExoMars 2016
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TGO ma kłopoty. Może to nieładnie ale zacytuję tutaj z innego forum - bezzałogowego. Info podał user o nicku bobik:

During the last MEPAG meeting it was said that there has been a recent malfunction of the ACS TIRVIM channel on ExoMars TGO. The cryocooler is no longer able to bring the "IR detector to working temperature". There is no ample treatment in the presentation materials what this actually means for the further operation of the TIRVIM channel in particular or the science operations in general; besides, that it was mainly used for a general characterization of the martian atmosphere, nor possible root causes of the technical problem are mentioned (A dedicated press release would be desirable). The initial TIRVIM design had two cooled detectors and one redundant pyroelectric detector working at ambient temperature. Because of mass constraints, the design was changed, one of the two cooled detectors and the redundant pyroelectric detector had to be cancelled. That is unfortunate, indeed. The cryocooler is a RICOR K508 Stirling cycle cryogenic refrigerator adapted for operation in space, similar cryocoolers were also used in the ACS MIR channel and NOMAD instrument on ExoMars TGO, as well as highly successfully in many other current and past interplanetary projects.

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Odp: Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) - ExoMars 2016
« Odpowiedź #180 dnia: Kwiecień 22, 2020, 11:06 »