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Odp: Europa Multiple-Flyby Mission - EMFM (Europa Clipper)
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Przedstawiono symulację przemieszczania się wód oceanicznych na Europie.
Jeśli hipoteza transportu wody ku powierzchni okaże się trafna , to sonda Europa Clipper  będzie zbierać dane o zamarzniętych wodach Europy po ok. milionie lat po  ich uformowaniu , co i  tak byłoby bardzo młodą strukturę do badania.

Europa’s Ocean Ascending
July 3, 2018

(...) The animation is a two-dimensional simulation of a possible cross-section of a band running through Europa's ice shell. At the extreme bottom is Europa's ocean, and the thick white line across the top represents the moon's surface ice. The midsection is the bulk of Europa's ice shell, with warmer colors (red, orange, yellow) representing stronger, more rigid ice. Depth is marked on the left side of the animation while numbers on the bottom measure distance from the center of the band feature on Europa's surface. Bands on Europa and Ganymede are typically tens of miles wide and hundreds of miles long. Numbers at the top mark the passage of time in thousands of years.

As the animation runs forward, the ice shell is deformed by gravitational interactions with Jupiter. The cold, brittle ice at the surface gets pulled apart. At the same time, faults in the upper ice form, heal, and re-form (visible as diagonal yellow, green and blue lines in the upper center of the animation). The churning material that quickly fills the bottom half of the view is a collection of tiny white dots representing bits of Europa's ocean that have been frozen into the bottom of Europa's ice shell (i.e. where the liquid ocean is in contact with the frozen shell). (...)