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A Chronological Presentation: The Apollo-Shuttle Transition 1.0

Image credit: NASA
Blogging history can be awkward - at least the way I do it. I tend to blog about whatever catches my interest as I sift through my files or locate new documents. The result is nothing like chronological, and chronology - the order in which things happened - is obviously essential for understanding history.

Because of this, I've decided to occasionally compile posts on a theme - posts that tell parts of one story - as a "chronological presentation." The posts listed below all can stand alone, but when placed together in chronological order they tell a more comprehensive story. As future posts fill in more gaps, the story will become more complete. Eventually, I'll post a 2.0 version of the link list below (and perhaps a 3.0 version after that).

Series Development: A 1969 Plan to Merge Shuttle and Saturn V to Spread Out Space Program Cost (December 1969)

Think Big: A 1970 Flight Schedule for NASA's 1969 Integrated Program Plan (June 1970)

McDonnell Douglas Phase B Space Station (June 1970)

An Alternate Station/Shuttle Evolution: The Spirit of '76 (August 1970)

Apollo's End: NASA Cancels Apollo 15 & Apollo 19 to Save Station/Shuttle (August-September 1970)

The Last Days of the Nuclear Shuttle (February 1971)

A Bridge From Skylab to Station/Shuttle: Interim Space Station Program (April 1971)

Where to Launch and Land the Space Shuttle? (April 1972)

Source: A Chronological Presentation: The Apollo-Shuttle Transition 1.0

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