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Egipski program kosmiczny
« dnia: Kwiecień 25, 2020, 18:21 »

Już 13 lat minęło od wysłania pierwszego egipskiego satelity EgyptSat 1.
Niedawno też została ustanowiona Egipska Agencja Kosmiczna EGSA

[EVENT] Establishment of the Egyptian Space Agency

With the ongoing construction of the New Capital (New New Cairo) Egypt has decided to upgrade the status of the (NARSS)[] to a proper 'Space Agency'. Alongside the Egyptian Space Agency will also be the beginning of both the Space Agencies for the African Union and the Arab League. In the beginning this will act as an umbrella location for cooperation between nations who already have agencies but will hopefully become a leading directive of missions in the future.

Egypt will also look into the establishment of a Ptolemaic or Ibn Yunus Academy in either Alexandria or Cairo to further advance science and astronomy. Egypt will ask Farouk El-Baz for help in the establishment of these endeavors.

National Authority For Remote Sensing & Space Sciences Upgraded To Egypt Space Agency
By Joseph Ibeh -November 20, 2019

Egypt has upgraded the National Authority for Remote Sensing & Space Sciences(NARSS), its pioneering institute in the field of space technology and Earth observation, to become its principal space agency.

In a process that began early last year following the ratification in January 2018 of the law to establish the Egyptian Space Agency, the Egyptian government set out to harmonize its National Space Programme to focus on the development of indigenous space capabilities and commercialization of its capacity.

According to an official of NARSS who spoke to Space in Africa, the Egyptian space programme managed by NARSS was successfully upgraded to become the Egyptian Space Agency through a structural transition that was concluded three months ago.

Antecedents to the launch of Egypt’s space programme dates back to the establishment of the NARSS in 1994 as the pioneering space institution under the State Ministry of Scientific Research. Earlier remote sensing initiatives started in Egypt in 1971 within the frame of the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), leading to the establishment of a Remote Sensing Centre in 1972 through an American-Egyptian joint project. NARSS is an offshoot of the Remote Sensing Centre established under ASRT.

On 26 May 1999, NARSS got approval on the recommendation of the Egyptian Space Council to create an Egyptian space programme with a mandate to enable Egypt to develop technical capabilities in the manufacture and use of space technologies.

Since its establishment, NARSS progressed from an outreach institution to becoming Egypt’s leading institution with expertise in remote sensing applications and space science and technology. The Institution runs Egypt’s national space programme and operates the country’s Earth observation satellites.

The institution has been at the forefront of Egypt’s space programme and space diplomacy by engaging with foreign partners and technical supplies on behalf of the Egyptian government. NARSS boost of maintaining collaboration with 44 international partners.

In December 2017, Egypt’s House of Representatives approved a law to establish the Egyptian Space Agency, and in January 2018 the Egyptian President ratified the law. The new law establishing the Egyptian Space Agency emphasises the need to develop space capabilities and manufacture satellite technologies in Egypt. Integrating NARSS with over two decades of expertise into the Egyptian Space Agency eliminates duplication of efforts y between two government agencies with the same mandate.

The Egyptian Space Agency is undergoing administrative processes to ensure it has a great footing. In August, Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated a new board of directors for the Egyptian Space Agency which is headed by the Egyptian Prime Minister, with membership comprising of the Ministers of Higher Education and Communications, as well as the CEO of the Agency and the head of the scientific research academy.

Following the inauguration of the board, President El-Sisi appointed Mohamed Afifi El-Qosi as the CEO of the Agency and Mohamed Khalil Ibrahim as the Deputy CEO.

The Egyptian Space Agency is charged with the mandate to harness Egypt’s capacity in space science and technology while helping the country to fully realize the commercial and social benefits of space.

The Egyptian government plans to massively invest in space technologies with the hope of generating at least 10 per cent of its national income from the space sector in the next decade, according to a statement attributed to the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Khalid Atef Abdul Ghaffar.

Egypt was endorsed as the host of the African Space Agency at the 32nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union which held at the African Union Headquarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in February 2019.

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Odp: Egipski program kosmiczny
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Dr Mohamed ElKoosy - szef Egipskiej Agencji Kosmicznej przedstawia ambitne plany na dekadę.

Egypt advances space program with 10-year plan
By AT editor - 12 March 2020 at 2:00 pm

Image: EgSA file

Egypt is advancing its goals in space, following approval last week of a 10-year development plan for the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) established in August.

The agency launched its first communications satellite in November, as part of a plan to ensure mobile and Internet services for all of Egypt as well as parts of neighboring countries. It was one of four satellites launched successfully last year, according to Space in Africa. The agency has two satellite control centers, one in Cairo and another in Aswan, and is host to the African Space Agency established by the African Union.

Dr Mohamed ElKoosy, the EgSA CEO, says Egypt plans another two satellites in the next three years, and plans to build a NGEO constellation similar to the Starlink project in the coming years. SpaceX signed a deal in January with Egyptian operator NileSat to launch a four-ton satellite in 2022 to support communications.

ElKoosy says Egypt’s program is geared toward security, but also focuses on weather and climate change mitigation. Later this year, the Egyptian Space Agency plans training sessions for 20 participants from African nations who are part of a project to use space technology to better control greenhouse gas emissions.

Egypt partners with nations including China and France to develop its space program, signing a new cooperation deal in January with France’s Center National d’Etudes Spatiale (CNES). Jean-Yves Le Gal, head of CNES, said the partnership will include satellite manufacture and space exploration.

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Odp: Egipski program kosmiczny
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Egipt rozpoczyna selekcję kosmonauty

Pod koniec marca 2020 roku pojawiła się informacja, że Egipt rozpoczyna program selekcji narodowego kosmonauty. (...)
EGSA poinformowała, że proces treningu do misji orbitalnej potrwa sześć lat. Połowa tego czasu zostanie spędzona na selekcji kilku najlepszych kandydatów (i kandydatek – aplikacja jest otwarta także dla kobiet) – podczas tego okresu . Następnie wybrane osoby zostaną wysłane do Rosji na trening kosmonautyczny – jednym z dodatkowych wymagań jest gotowość do nauki języka rosyjskiego.

Egipski kosmonauta docelowo uda się na pokład Międzynarodowej Stacji Kosmicznej (ISS) na pokładzie rosyjskiego statku załogowego. (...)

Egypt To Send An Egyptian Astronaut To The International Space Station
By Joseph Ibeh -October 18, 2019

The Egyptian Space Agency is planning to send an Egyptian astronaut on a mission to the International Space Station, according to a recent statement by the head of the Egyptian Space Agency, Mohamed El-Qousy.

El-Qousy announced during a visit by officials of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency to the Egyptian Space City in Cairo on Wednesday, according to Ahram Online, an online news media based in Egypt.

The official visit to Cairo follows in the wake of the return of Hazza Al-Mansouri, UAE’s first astronaut who spent eight days in space onboard the International Space Station.

The Emirati delegation discussed possible areas of bilateral and regional space cooperation with the Egyptian Space Agency, including plans for the exchange of expertise and resources in the field of space research.

El-Qousy stressed the importance of cooperation with the UAE Space Agency to achieve integration between the two agencies and establish an Arab bloc within the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

As part of the plan to strengthen Arab Space Cooperation Group, which was launched in March by the UAE in partnership with Egypt and nine other Arab nations, the UAE government is developing the Arab Satellite 813 to provide Earth observation and climate data to Arab institutions.

Commenting on UAE-Egypt space cooperation, Nasser Rashid, the Director of Policy and Legislation at the UAE Space Agency, described Arab Satellite 813 project as “the beginning of real cooperation with Egypt and a group of Arab countries”.

In 2017, Egypt’s Council of Ministers approved a law allowing the President to establish an Egyptian Space Agency with the mandate to coordinate Egypt’s national space programme. The Agency became operational in 2018 and is expected to build Egypt’s capabilities in space science and technology.

Egypt is investing significantly in its space programmes with the launch of three satellites in 2019, the ongoing construction of assembly, integration and test facilities in collaboration with China, and the planned launch of a military communication satellite before the end of 2019.

Egypt plans to send its first astronaut to space
Egypt Independent December 26, 2019 11:45 am

The first-ever competition to send an Egyptian astronaut to space is set to begin in January 2020, according to a recent announcement by Chairman of the Egyptian Space Agency Mohamed al-Qousy.

Qousy told a delegation of the Education and Scientific Research Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday during their visit to the Egyptian Space Agency headquarters in the administrative capital that the qualification program will last six years and will be divided into several phases.

Each phase will last between two and three years, during which qualified competitors will be selected in accordance with specific global standards.

Meanwhile, agency officials told the delegation that applicants in the first stage will need to pass psychological, physical and technical tests in order to qualify for the second stage.

The second stage of the program will focus on practical issues, such as living in the International Space Station, Qousy said, adding that any young man or woman can apply for the competition.

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