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Odp: KRAK-Sat - kolejny polski satelita studencki
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Jest też sporo krytycznych komentarzy, choć głównie w kierunku platformy od SatRevolution. Np.:

So, they lacked an ADC to monitor their main source power, a brownout detector and a PMIC for their microcontroller. They decided not to test their radio stack by unplugging one of the redudant radio. They didn’t use any kind of journalling filesystem, yet alone one with Reed Solomon correcting codes for SEU that are known to happen at this altitude, and are usually very well feared on rad tolerant hardware (which they didn’t even use).

One in one, it’s a perfect success to demonstrate that even the most basic rules in electronic development are required. I don’t understand how they were allowed to board a rocket. All of those defects are detectable on Earth, and wouldn’t even be allowed in a v2 prototype here.