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Michael Strahan, Alan Shepard’s daughter and four others rocket into space
December 11, 2021 William Harwood [SFN]

Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin’s founder, pins the company’s astronaut wings on Laura Shepard Chesley as Michael Strahan and other crewmates look on. Credit: Blue Origin

Sixty years after her father became the first American in space, Laura Shepard Churchley, daughter of Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, rocketed out of the lower atmosphere Saturday, joining ABC TV host Michael Strahan and four others for a thrilling 10-minute climb to space and back.


Crypto entrepreneur to go to space on New Shepard
by Jeff Foust — December 23, 2021 [SN]

Justin Sun (right) was named Grenada’s permanent representative to the WTO earlier this month. He disclosed Dec. 22 he submitted the high bid for a seat on the first crewed New Shepard flight in a June auction and, after missing the flight, will go to space in late 2022. Credit: Grenada Permanent Mission to the WTO

WASHINGTON — A controversial Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur revealed he submitted the high bid for a seat on Blue Origin’s first crewed suborbital launch earlier this year and, after missing that flight, is buying a dedicated New Shepard flight in 2022.

Justin Sun announced Dec. 22 that he submitted the winning bid of $28 million for a seat on the July flight of New Shepard that took Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos and three others to space. The company did not disclose the winner’s identity at the time of the June 12 auction.
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Odp: Artykuły o New Shepard
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Blue Origin to increase New Shepard launches in 2022
by Jeff Foust — February 18, 2022 [SN]

The six-person crew of the most recent New Shepard suborbital mission, NS-19, in December 2021. The company expects the number of people it flies in 2022 to "easily double" the 14 it launched in 2021. Credit: Blue Origin

WASHINGTON — Blue Origin expects to more than double the number of people it flies on its New Shepard suborbital system this year while adding another vehicle to its fleet.

In a presentation at the 24th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference Feb. 17, Bob Smith, chief executive of Blue Origin, said the company saw “very robust” demand for those suborbital flights that the company is now working to meet.


Blue Origin flies six on first New Shepard suborbital flight of 2022
by Jeff Foust — March 31, 2022 [SN]

Blue Origin's New Shepard lifts off March 31 on the NS-20 suborbital missions. Credit: Blue Origin webcast

WASHINGTON — Blue Origin launched its New Shepard suborbital vehicle on its first flight of the year March 31, carrying six people on a brief trip to space and back.

The vehicle lifted off from the company’s Launch Site One in West Texas at 9:59 a.m. Eastern. The capsule landed under parachutes about 10 minutes later after reaching a peak altitude of approximately 107 kilometers. The booster landed on a nearby pad three minute earlier. (...)

The launch was delayed nearly an hour by several countdown holds, including one that lasted more than 45 minutes. Blue Origin didn’t disclose the reason for the extended hold other than it needed the time to complete safety checks.

The flight was the fourth crewed mission of New Shepard and the second to carry six people. Five of the people are paying customers: Marty Allen, Sharon and Marc Hagle, Jim Kitchen and George Nield. The sixth is Gary Lai, chief architect of the New Shepard system at Blue Origin. The six called themselves the “Roaring Twenties,” a reference to the NS-20 mission designation.

Allen, the Hagles and Kitchen all have business backgrounds, including founding, leading and investing in businesses from retail to real estate. Nield spent his career in the space industry, including a decade as associate administrator for commercial space transportation at the Federal Aviation Administration, which licenses New Shepard and other commercial launch vehicles.

The five were to be joined by Pete Davidson, the comedian best known for being on the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” He was announced with the other five March 14, when the mission was scheduled for launch March 23. But, three days after the announcement, Blue Origin said that Davidson would not be on the flight. Neither the company nor Davidson explained why he had dropped out of the mission.

The company announced March 21 that Davidson would be replaced by Lai, who joined Blue Origin in 2004 as one of its first 20 employees and is now senior director and chief architect for the suborbital system. He has also worked on Blue Origin’s New Glenn orbital launch vehicle, engine development programs and its Blue Moon lunar lander. (...)


Blue Origin flies fourth suborbital crew mission
March 31, 2022 Stephen Clark [SFN]

Recovery teams meet Blue Origin’s crew capsule after landing in West Texas on Thursday. The New Shepard booster is visible on its landing pad in the background. Credit: Blue Origin

Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital launcher lofted six passengers, including the rocket’s chief designer, on an up-and-down flight to the edge of space Thursday.


NS-20 New Shepard Launches, Delivers Six Crew to Edge of Space
by Ben Evans March 31, 2022 [AS]

The NS-20 crew, together with Crew Member No. 7 Sarah Knights, inspect the New Shepard vehicle prior to Thursday’s flight. Photo Credit: Blue Origin

(...) Davidson, however, has become a figure of some controversy in recent months, not least in light of his relationship with Kim Kardashian and a very public spat earlier this spring with the rapper Kanye West.

In his place, on 21 March Blue identified Gary Lai to occupy the sixth seat. Lai joined Blue as one of the organization’s first 20 employees, way back in March 2004, and is currently senior director and chief architect for New Shepard. Just last April, Lai and three other Blue colleagues participated in ingress/egress exercises from the New Shepard Crew Capsule before launch and after landing of the uncrewed NS-15 mission. (...)


New Shepard completes fifth crewed suborbital flight
by Jeff Foust — June 4, 2022 Updated 11:30 a.m. Eastern with comments from post-flight briefing. [SN]

The New Shepard crew capsule touches down in the West Texas desert at the end of the NS-21 mission that launched June 4. Credit: Blue Origin webcast

WASHINGTON — Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle performed its fifth crewed suborbital flight June 4, carrying six people including the first Mexican-born woman to go to space and the company’s first repeat customer.

New Shepard lifted off from Blue Origin’s Launch Site One in West Texas at 9:25 a.m. Eastern. The crew capsule, with six people on board, landed 10 minutes after liftoff after reaching a peak altitude of about 107 kilometers. The vehicle’s booster made a propulsive landing nearly three minutes earlier.

The six people on board included Blue Origin’s first repeat customer, Evan Dick, who flew on the NS-19 mission in December 2021. Another, Katya Echazarreta, is a former Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineer and the first Mexican-born woman to go so space. She was selected for the flight by Space for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that offers flights to space for those who cannot afford them on their own.

Other on the flight include pilot Hamish Harding; Brazilian engineer Victor Correa Hespanha, who is only the second Brazilian to go to space; businessman and adventurer Jaison Robinson; and Victor Vescovo, an explorer who has summited some of the world’s highest mountains and dived to the deepest point in the ocean, Challenger Deep.

Blue Origin launches six people to suborbital space
June 4, 2022 Stephen Clark [SFN]

Blue Origin’s NS-21 gets underway with launch of a New Shepard rocket from West Texas. Credit: Blue Origin

Blue Origin’s suborbital New Shepard rocket propelled six people to an altitude of more than 60 miles over West Texas Saturday, including the first Mexican-born woman to fly to space.

The company has now flown five missions carrying 25 people to suborbital space, and aims to nearly double that figure by the end of this year, according to a host on the Blue Origin webcast Saturday. The company’s first human mission last July carried billionaire founder Jeff Bezos and three co-passengers.

Blue Origin launches six more passengers to suborbital space
August 4, 2022 Stephen Clark [SFN]

Blue Origin’s New Shepard booster lifts off from West Texas on the NS-22 mission Thursday. Credit: Blue Origin

Blue Origin launched six more people on a quick, 10-minute flight to suborbital space Thursday from West Texas. A popular YouTuber and the first people from Egyptian and Portugal to fly above the internationally-recognized boundary of space were among the commercial passengers.
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