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Odp: Statystyki tygodniowe zgonów w Polsce
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2) The first four Indian astronauts train in Moscow Kwiecień 26, 2020 s 6 koniec

[NASA Gravity Assist] Searching for Life




Союз Т-13,  Союз Т-14

Soyuz TM-31/Expedition 1

Soyuz MS-16

Soyuz MS-17

Crew-1  Sierpień 18, 2020, 00:01 »
 zamiana [The Atlantic] A Question Only Elon Musk Can Answer  427 odpowiedzi 24 IX 2021


Soyuz MS-18




Tom Cruise, Ax-1


fly Russian cosmonaut on Crew Dragon

SpaceX commercial crew test,
Crew Dragon Demo Mission-2  NIEDOKONCZONY

Starliner Test

аварии и катастрофы на космических кораблях «Союз»

America's Oceanic Returns from Space

The first four Indian astronauts train in Moscow

NASA wrestles with what to do with ISS after 2024

Shuguang (Project 714)
Shenzhou Programme (Project 921)
Tiangong 1
Tiangong 2
Chinese Space Station
Long March-5B rocket enables China to construct space station (2020)
China Focus: Three types of rockets to shoulder construction of China's space station
China's experimental cargo return capsule operates abnormally during its return
China's experimental new-generation manned spaceship works normally in orbit
China Focus: China tests 3D printing in space for first time
Return capsule of China's experimental manned spaceship comes back successfully
New Chinese spacecraft landing marks step toward future crewed lunar missions
China to debut new version of powerful Long March 5 rocket this week
China’s first Long March 5B rocket launches on crew capsule test flight
Experimental Chinese cargo return capsule malfunctions during re-entry
China’s next-generation crew spacecraft lands after unpiloted test flight
Return capsule of China's experimental manned spaceship opened for scientific research in Beijing

China space station

space food

Parastronaut feasibility project

Отряд космонавтов 2018 года


NASA jettisons Apollo moon landing stats to reach 300th US EVA (2020)

Artemis program  (cost)


NASA selects three companies for human landing system awards
Artykuły o Artemis Human Landing Systems

Artykuły o LunaNet (lunar communications and navigation systems)

New Shepard

Virgin Galactic



InSight, MarCO


Hope or Al Amal


Satelity komunikacyjne (Mars), Ice Mapper

SPHEREx (SpaceX)

Europa Clipper

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich

Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP)  (2024)

Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE)

Solar Orbiter

NASA selects four finalists for next Discovery mission (2020) :
DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging Plus)
Io Volcano Observer (IVO)
VERITAS (Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy)

India’s Shukrayaan orbiter to study Venus (2024)

Potential biosignature discovery could boost prospects of Venus missions


Lunar Trailblazer

UAE to develop small lunar rover (2024)

Masten Space Systems' XL-1 lander

lunar lander mission, M1 (2021)

VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover)

Artykuły o Blue Ghost (lunar lander, Firefly Aerospace)

Apollo 11

Space policy of the United States




Rocket Lab

Virgin Orbit



Vega launch fails


Starty SpaceX inne
Turksat 5A (SpaceX)

Dealing with dust

Potential satellite collision

From the moon to the Earth: How the Biden administration might reshape NASA

Water molecules detected on moon’s sunlit surface, adding impetus to Artemis




Arecibo Observatory

Compton Gamma Ray Observatory


WFIRST:   A Tale of Two Telescopes: WFIRST and Hubble



Kounotori 9

Northrop Grumman Cygnus cargo

next-generation cargo Dragon


Dream Chaser

Roczne podsumowania startów


Defenders of the Planet

NASA awards DART launch contract to SpaceX


SHB David S. F. Portree

A Chronological Presentation: Space Station 1.0 06 March 2017
A Chronological Presentation: Failure Was an Option 1.0 28 January 2018
Chronology: Apollo-Shuttle Transition 2.0 12 March 2019
Chronology: Venus 1.0 09 June 2019
Chronology: Asteroids, Comets, and Other Small Bodies of the Solar System 1.0 6/29/2020
Chronology: Apollo X, Apollo Extension System, and Apollo Applications Program (AAP) 1.0 7/07/2020

Apollo Applications Program: Lunar Module Relay Experiment Laboratory (1966) 3/11/2020

Prelude to the Lunar Base Systems Study I: Lunar Oxygen (1983)  4/14/2020

To "G" Or Not to "G" (1968) 5/08/2020

Mars Airplane (1978) 5/17/2020

"Wobble Angle": 11 Apollo-derived Artificial-Gravity Space Stations (1963) 5/31/2020

Mars Polar Ice Sample Return (1976-1978) 8/06/2020

Venus is the Best Place in the Solar System to Establish a Human Settlement (2003) 8/25/2020

Star-Raker (1978) 9/10/2020

Apollo to Mars & Venus: North American Aviation's 1965 Plan for Piloted Planetary Flybys in the 1970s  9/29/2020

Rendezvous Concept for Circumlunar Gemini (1965) 11/11/2020

Electromagnetic Launching as a Major Contribution to Space-Flight (1950) 11/27/2020

Cápsula Espacial N° 61 - Satélity Landsat


Hayabusa 2


ICE mission

New ESA director general

Chuck Yeager dies at 97

Mikhail Tikhonravov

Jack Swigert

Kathy Sullivan From the top of the world to the bottom - in a submersible "magic ball"

Annie Glenn An Amazing Life

Barn Burner: Remembering the Record-Setting Return of Atlantis, OTD in 1985 By Ben Evans, on November 26th, 2020

Remembering the Cape's First Launch, 70 Years On (2020)

What to Know About NASA’s Historic Astronaut Beach House

(Apollo program TSR) When Senator Walter Mondale went to the Moon

[Capsula Espacial] Zaproszenie dla obserwatorów Księżyca
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