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Odp: Statystyki tygodniowe zgonów w Polsce
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35) US can manage BA.2 variant ‘without disruption’, top Covid adviser predicts
Richard Luscombe Sun 24 Apr 2022 18.35 BST

Ashish Jha says spreading variant unlikely to have much effect on the nation’s pandemic recovery

Ashish Jha said: ‘At this point, I remain confident that we’re gonna get through this without disruption.’ Photograph: Elise Amendola/AP

The White House Covid response coordinator Ashish Jha appeared to undercut the Biden administration’s efforts to reinstate the federal mask mandate on Sunday, stating that the spreading BA.2 variant in the US was unlikely to have much effect on the nation’s pandemic recovery.

The justice department announced last week it would appeal the decision of a federal judge in Florida to prematurely lift the mandate on air, rail and bus travel in the US, based on the assertion by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that “an order requiring masking in the indoor transportation corridor remains necessary for the public health”. (...)

36) Covid lockdown fears spark panic buying in Beijing as largest district begins mass testing
Helen Davidson and agencies Mon 25 Apr 2022 06.52 BST

Residents hope to avoid Shanghai-style shortages as Chinese authorities rush to stamp out outbreak in the capital

Beijing residents line up for food supplies from a grocery store following reports of 19 new Covid cases in the Chinese capital on Monday. Photograph: Xiaoyu Yin/Reuters

Beijingers were flooding supermarkets to stock up on food on Monday, hoping to avoid Shanghai-style shortages in the case of a city-wide lockdown as the capital records a growing number of Covid infections.

Authorities in Beijing have ordered 3.5 million residents and workers in the biggest district of Chaoyang to report for three coronavirus tests this week, after the area recorded 26 of Beijing’s 47 symptomatic cases since Friday.

On Monday, China reported 3,266 symptomatic cases and 20,454 asymptomatic cases. The majority were in Shanghai, where 19,455 were reported. Beijing reported 19 cases on Monday, including 14 symptomatic.

“The current outbreak in Beijing is spreading stealthily from sources that remained unknown yet and is developing rapidly,” a municipality official said on Sunday. (...)

37) Optimism falls as UK factories hit by fastest rise in costs since 1975
Larry Elliott Economics editor Mon 25 Apr 2022 14.00 BST

CBI’s April survey shows firms planning to pass on increase to consumers

The CBI found found that firms are cutting back on investment. Photograph: Colin Mcpherson/The Guardian

Optimism among UK manufacturers has fallen at its sharpest pace since the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown two years ago as firms struggle to cope with the fastest increase in their costs since 1975, according to the latest industry health check.

With the war in Ukraine giving a fresh upward twist to the pressures on companies, the April industrial trends survey from the employers’ organisation the CBI found firms cutting back on investment and planning to pass on higher costs to consumers. (...)

38) Beijing halts weddings and funerals and closes schools in Covid fightback
Helen Davidson in Taipei and Oliver Holmes Thu 28 Apr 2022 17.01 BST

Stockpiling rife as city acts in attempt to avoid Shanghai-style lockdown

Beijing residents queue outside a supermarket in the capital as stockpiling led to shortages. Photograph: Mark  Schiefelbein/AP

Beijing has closed schools and suspended weddings and funerals in the city of 22 million in a whirlwind effort to avoid plunging China’s capital into a Shanghai-style Covid lockdown.

Fears that Beijing could soon be in lockdown have already prompted widespread stockpiling, leading to shortages in some supermarkets.

The city’s Education Bureau ordered all city schools to end classes from Friday and said it had not determined when they would be able to resume.

Beijing has moved faster than other places in China to impose restrictions while case numbers remain low. Authorities announced only 50 new cases on Thursday, bringing the total in the latest wave of infections to about 150.

The government is desperate to avoid sweeping measures imposed on Shanghai over the past month, which have caused frustration about shortages of food and basic supplies. Across China, authorities have said they are cracking down on price gouging. (...)

39) Anthony Fauci says the US is not in a ‘pandemic phase’. What does that mean?
Melody Schreiber Fri 29 Apr 2022 08.00 BST

With funds for anti-virals and other measure dwindling, some experts are concerned the US is too sanguine about future surges

Anthony Fauci: ‘We are certainly, right now in this country, out of the pandemic phase.’ Photograph: Alex Brandon/AP

The US has left the “pandemic phase” at least for now, chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci said this week, at the same time that the White House presses for urgently needed Covid-19 funding. But as cases continue mounting around the globe, the pandemic shows no signs of ending yet – and conflicting pictures offered by top health officials may hamper the renewal of critical Covid funds and efforts like vaccination campaigns.

In an interview on Tuesday, Fauci painted an optimistic, if mixed, picture. “We are certainly, right now in this country, out of the pandemic phase,” he said, before adding, “Pandemic means a widespread, throughout the world, infection that spreads rapidly among people.”

Such a definition still applies to the Covid pandemic, experts say. While confirmed cases in the US are lower than during the first Omicron wave, they are rising in nearly all American states, and the virus continues spreading around the world. (...)
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